Best Gift Option for a Gourmand – A Gourmet Basket

Best Gift Option for a Gourmand – A Gourmet Basket

If you are looking for gifting ideas this festive season, you can rest assured with our wide range of gifting packs available for all kinds of occasions, at St. Louis. Gifting food items or gourmet food baskets is the most conventional, foolproof, and practical. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s or Father’s day, or any other festive day; getting an assortment of food items can cater to the needs of every person. There’s never a wrong occasion for a tasty gourmet treat that makes someone’s holiday a flavorful treat. You can choose among various gourmet food and gift options, such as DIY at-home cooking kits or an assortment of all flavors in one basket.

Different Gift Options for Everyone

Corporate Gifts Ideas

Gifting has become so much easier in today’s date with a great range of options online. You will find an endless number of options without having to hop from shop to shop in search of that perfect gift basket. Gourmet gifts are ideal for all kinds of occasions and people, such as cheese lovers, chocolate junkies, sweet tooth, the meat man, and caviar connoisseurs. You can always go with many DIY at-home cooking kits for someone who loves to cook. They come with everything one needs to make homemade delicious treats like ravioli, dumplings, or other treats. If you are shopping for someone who is more passionate about eating than cooking, then a gift food kit can bring to one table an assortment of local best foods or a variety of different flavored foods.

Gift Baskets at St. Louis

Since 1995, St. Louis has been catering to all the gifting needs for corporate or special occasions throughout the U.S. Apart from personal gift options, our corporate gifting baskets are perfect holiday day baskets to celebrate all occasions like anniversaries, new baby births, and more.

We work with sales teams, marketing and human resources departments to provide referral thank you and appreciation gifts for everyone in a company. Our Mound City One Pound Assortment includes 8 ounces of chocolate-covered almonds and 8 ounces of almonds, ideal for a formal occasion or a dinner occasion. Other mailer gift boxes include a Taste of St. Louis Goodies Mailer Box and the Taste of the Hill Pasta Gift Mailer Box. Send your parents, siblings or other family members these mailer gift boxes to remind them of your love and care. The former box is made to show your city pride and share the unique tastes with Dad’s cookies, Billy Goat chips, Bissinger’s chocolate bar, Switzer’s Red Licorice, St. Louis popcorn, Mound City Nuts Plaza Mix, Mom’s original Pretzel Rods, St. Louis Magnets, a tin of mints and a roll of tums.

If you are looking for an Italian gourmet dinner kit, then the latter mailer box is the perfect choice with its assortment of Pasta, Taste of the Hill Pasta Sauce, Taste of the Hill Salad Dressing, Pasta Fork, St. Louis tin of mints, a chocolate bar, and a tea towel. There are different other St. Louis regional gift baskets for you to choose from, such as the Taste of St. Louis Suitcase or the Taste of St. Louis Gable Box. The former is based on vintage European lunch box designs with tasty goodies and the gable box is beautifully designed for the gifting of the unique tastes of St. Louis. 

Happy Gifting!

Food makes everyone happy, which is why gifting gourmet food and baskets can make any occasion or day special. Our new launches at St. Louis and other gift options can be combined to make your day special. Share all the best food items with your loved ones, friends and colleagues. You can go organic or vegan with your food shopping, explore healthy food items or maybe spoil the little ones. A special day or a festive holiday is the perfect day to get your happy emotions and bond over food. 


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